Pro Roof Cleaning in the Greater Green Bay Area

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Hello, my name is Thomas Ward. I own and operate Pro Roof Cleaning and have been cleaning roofs in the Green Bay area since 1996.

Roof cleaning services are needed by many homeowners, especially in the Midwest. In our area, the sun is not directly overhead for much of the year, so sunlight is shaded from reaching your roof which can contribute to harmful mold and fungi growth on your home. Sunlight can also be shaded from your roof if: your roof faces north, there are trees in your yard, or the higher sections of your home are shading other sections of your roof from light. With no sunlight, moisture will build up on the surface of your roof, allowing mold and fungi grow easily.

Once there is mold and fungi present, lichen is produced. Lichen is not good for your roof because it has roots which feed on the limestone that is mixed in with the sand granules that are in your shingles. If the lichen problem is not addressed, it will grow and spread, along with its roots. If left untreated, these roots will eat holes through your shingles, causing major roof issues.

If you have any of the above issues growing on your roof, please call or request a free quote to be on your way to a more functional and beautiful roof. My name is Tom Ward, and I come out to give my potential customers free estimates. I also do all work for Pro roof cleaning. I am aware it is my customers whom allow me to be self employed, so I am always very courteous and very fair with pricing.

Best Regards, Tom Ward