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Professional and Affordable

Pro Roof Cleaning’s goal is to provide homeowners with their best option for roof cleaning services in Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, and all of Northeastern Wisconsin.

Tom Ward, the owner, will be the person at your door to give you a free estimate, and will be the one completing all roof-cleaning work.

Pro Roof Cleaning’s keeps their prices very affordable (pennies on the dollar of replacement) and offers free estimates with friendly and dependable service for all customers.

Operating Since 1996

Tom started out as an apprentice roof cleaner in Minneapolis in the late 80′s. He assisted the veteran roof cleaners there for a few years while watching and learning the trade. Later, Tom became a supervisor for the company, and taught new employees the trade of proper roof cleaning. By the time he started his own business here in Green Bay in 1996, he was an established roof cleaner with numerous years of experience.

This was a huge advantage as roof-cleaning became known more to homeowners as a viable alternative to replacing their roof when their shingles were damaged by mold, fungi, and lichen. Lichen is formed when mold and fungi are introduced together. Lichen has roots, so when it forms, the roots will attach themselves to the granules of your shingles. This makes it difficult to rid your roof’s surfaces of the lichen without damaging anything.

If you see mold on your roof, contact Pro Roof Cleaning to assess the situation. Tom will work with you to find the best way to remedy your roof’s mold issues. He can also help with black streaking on your roof, as this indicates black mold and fungus developed near the top of your roof, and the rain over time has spread the black mold and fungus downward causing a streaked look to your homes roof.

Quality Service

Tom has cleaned thousands of roofs in the Green Bay community over the last 18 years. Each and every roof cleaning job is done with 18 years of experience, and the owners good name standing behind it. When a job is completed, if the customer wants something touched up, or wants something else cleaned as well, it is done then and there. Pro Roof Cleaning strives to make sure every customer is happy when the job is completed.

  • Fully Insured
  • Bonded for Residential Roof Cleaning
  • Longtime member of the Better Business Bureau – A+ Rating
  • Angie’s List – Preferred Member

Affiliated with AAA Professional Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning.