asphalt shingle, and cedar shake roof cleaning

Hi potential customers of Pro Roof Cleaning. I want to make one thing perfectly clear to all home owners is Northeastern Wisconsin that are in need of roof cleaning. No pressure roof cleaning does not work. If it did, believe me, I would clean roofs that way, as it is much easier. The only effective way to properly clean either asphalt shingle or cedar shake roofs is to use hot water, low pressure roof cleaning methods. The reason this is the case is because the algae, lichen, and molds that are living on your homes roof has roots. Lichen has deep very deep roots that have attached themselves to the shingles. You can just spray a solution onto the roof and eradicate the growths. That takes care of a third of the problem. One of the issues with this method of roof cleaning is that the growths are dead on the surface, but the roots are still living, and will be back soon. Do you really want to spend money to get your roof cleaned, then have the growths come back in less than a year ? Probably not right. there is another problem with no pressure roof cleaning. This would be that when you are just spraying a solution onto the roofs surface in order to kill the growths, how does the dead lichen, algae, and molds fall to the ground so you can then remove it ? The companies that practice no pressure roof cleaning will promise you that the rain will in time remove the growths from the roofs surface, then to the ground. This will not happen because there are still roots that these growths have holding them to the roofs surface. It would be great if No pressure roof cleaning actually worked, but it does not.  Even when these companies are encouraged by you to come back and respray the roof again, it is not coming off. This is because you need to actually get onto the roofs surface and use a hot water, low pressure roof cleaning method. Trust me on this simple fact, these companies thrive because by the time you realize that your roof is not clean at all, they have cashed your check. Also, in spite of the fact they promise to come back within a 5 year period if it comes back, they almost never do, as they already have your money. At Pro Roof Cleaning, your roof will look as it did when new before I leave on the day I am scheduled to come. I actually get onto the roofs surface with my specialized boots (which makes my job completely safe) and then use my hot water, low pressure roof cleaning method. In no way will low pressure roof cleaning ever damage your homes roof. Asphalt shingles can stand up to 500 P.S.I. (pounds per square inch) and be completely safe. I have, and never will use more than 150 P.S.I. on a customers roof. Lets be honest, if a roof is ever damaged in any way, my insurance would be responsible for then replacing it. I of course would not want that, and it has never happened in 22 years. Also, I realize that my customers are the reason that I can be self employed, so I always treat their homes as if they were my own. After my job of cleaning your homes roof is complete, I normally meet my customer by their front door, and can then show them around to view their new looking roof! Customers are always amazed at the transformation of their homes roof. The entire process is completed same day, so you know before I leave that not only is your roof new looking again, but also that the underlying roots have been completely eradicated. The growths are now gone for a long time, and your home has curb appeal again!

I can also apply a growth and stain blocker after the cleaning is complete. This is basically a solution that puts an invisible barrier between your roofs surface, and any potential growth spore that might land on it. Basically what it does is that your roof will stay clean a few years longer. Rather than your roof staying completely growth and stain free for 4-5 years, with the blocker applied, it will stay looking as it did right after the cleaning for 7-8 years. There is a small charge to add the blocker, but it is well worth it and most customers have it applied to there homes roof. It was developed in Florida where roof cleaning is very prominent, and is a great product.

Thank you for coming to my website and reading up on how proper roof cleaning should be done. I look forward to hopefully helping you with your roof cleaning needs. You will be amazed at the transformation that happens after my job is completed on your homes roof. It will all be completed the same day. There is no promise that your roof should look clean after several rain falls. With Pro Roof Cleaning, you will see the transformation to your roof before I leave! My customers are always very pleased before I leave. I will be more than happy to give any customer whom requests it a free estimate for cleaning their roof. You can either call me directly, or go to the contact page on this site to get your free estimate. Please do not get fooled by no pressure roof cleaning pitches, it is not effective, or I would do it myself. Pro roof cleaning has 10 times the volume of customers compared to any other roof cleaning business in Northeastern Wi., I did not get this successful by trying to fool my customers. What I find is that if you do good and honest work, treat your customers right, and give all customers fair prices, you can stay self employed. It is a privilege to be self employed.  I, as a small business owner, am always fully aware that it is my customers that are responsible for my businesses success. I will always treat every customers home as if it were my own. That is my promise to every customer I meet. Know that I always remember that it is you, my many customers of Pro roof cleaning, that make my business work.

Thank you,

Tom at Pro Roof Cleaning