Beware of “exclusive softwash system” claims! Fines up to 50,000.00 for home owners!!

My name is Tom Ward, and I own Pro roof cleaning here in Green bay Wisconsin. I have been cleaning roofs in the Green bay area for over 23 years. I have seen many roof cleaning businesses come and go over that time. The reason most of these companies “go away” is simple. They try and use shortcuts to clean home owners roofs. This is done almost always by using bleach. Such a business will try and sell potential customers with a “no pressure, exclusive softwashing system” pitch. Look out, that means at least a 50% bleach concoction is going onto your roof, then onto your lawn and landscaping. It is extremely dangerous, and OSHA, the DNR, and EPA is going after these businesses. They are bad news, and bad news for you. Did you know that if a business that promises you “no pressure soft washing” gets caught using bleach to clean your roof, it can cost you up to 50,000.00 per day in fines! It is not the business that gets hit with that fine, it is you. It is not fair, but it is true. OSHA, the DNR, and the environmental protection agency are going after these no pressure exterior cleaning businesses in 2020. How do I know this? I know because I personally hired an environmental attorney, and we made these three agencies aware of a “no pressure roof cleaning” business was using bleach to clean roofs. This is a extremely dangerous, and extremely irresponsible. Some of this bleach will find its way into the soil and water around your home. Please do not fall for a “no pressure softwash pitch. It could cost you your home. This business will soon be out of business. In the mean time, do not risk huge fines by hiring such a business. They are greedy and lazy. Bleach cleaning a roof is much easier, and so the profit is much higher. After 23 years of cleaning roofs in our area, I can tell you this with certainty. The only safe way to clean a roof is with eco and bio friendly solutions. Use them in conjunction with hot water and low pressure. Low enough (approx. 150 psi) where there is 0 chance any harm will be done to your shingles. This will get you a perfectly cleaned roof, and it will be done safely. There will be no fines, and there will be no harm done to the soil and water around your home.

Best regards,