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What are the black stains on my roof?
black-stains-on-my-roofThese roof stains, often mistaken for “roof mold,” are the dead cells of an algae called Gloeocapsa Magma.  The algae grow that is normally on the north side of the roof that gets the least amount of sun and stays damp the longest.  They feed on limestone filler in the shingles. the problem will only get worse until the issue is addressed by a professional roof cleaner. Products that you spray on your roof and then wait for results, almost never actually work. the algae must be totally eradicated by a professional. if any algae is left on the roof, it will grow back in a matter of a few months.
Why are algae black in appearance?
The organism Gloeocapsa produces a dark pigmentation to protect itself from ultra-violet rays. As the algae on your roof shingles die off, the dead cells accumulate and cause the black streaks sometimes referred to as “roof mold.”  These stains take months, or even years, to appear. they usually start at the top of your roof, and are washed downward by rain, causing a streak like appearance.
Can the algae on the roof shingles damage my roof?
DEFINATELY!! Algae, certain fungi, and lichens feed on the limestone filler used to give the shingles weight. When algae and fungi are both present, it will form a composite organism called lichen. Lichens are very dangerous to a roof because it has roots. The roots will dig there way into the shingles of your roof, literally attaching themselves to the granulars of your shingles. This is why when you see signs of growth on your roof, it is important you call a professional as soon as possible to at least get an estimate on what it would cost to remove this problem A.S.A.P. Most businesses, including Pro roof cleaning, give free estimates. At that time I can explain how I will remedy the issue on your roof, and cost. in most cases, it is pennies on the dollar in comparison to roof replacement.
Is the moss growing on my roof harmful?
roof-mold-moss-lichensYES!  Roof moss anchor into the top layer of the shingles and remove granules.  Moss will grow up into the gullets (slots) of the shingles and along edges causing them to lift and make the roof more prone to wind damage and leaks.  Acting like sponges, moss keeps the roof damp causing even more growth.
Can I use chlorine or bleach to clean my roof?
People who have tried bleach have found that the result is temporary and the stains often come back quite quickly. Chlorine runoff will almost certainly kill at least some of the plants, grass, and landscaping around your home. Even if everything is watered down first, chlorine or bleach is a serious chemical, and will kill plants, and even animals that come into contact with it. Companies that offer no pressure roof cleaning are using bleach! Pro roof cleaning has never, and will never use bleach on a customers home. it is dangerous to use, and these companies that use bleach are often out of business after a few years after the customers roofs they serviced now have discolored and curled shingles(asphalt shingles), or in the case of cedar shake roofs, bleach will completely dry up the cedar shakes within 4 years, and replacement will be inevitable. Low pressure roof cleaning is the only safe option for professionally cleaning a roof. Our solutions kill and loosen all algae and lichens, then a hot water hard rinse removes all dead debris safely!
I can save money by purchasing clean it yourself products that I simply spray onto my roof, right?
It has been my experience that users are often disappointed with the results. The application of these products for cleaning roof shingles can be dangerous, and often you seldom cover the entire roof surface. These products often claim to kill the algae and lichen once sprayed on roof, then you must wait for it to rain for the spray to be rinsed off. Let me just say this about this approach. If the spray was strong enough to kill the algae and lichens, which it is not, then you surely would not want it to sit on your roof until we get a substantial rainfall. Pro roof cleaning does the job right and uses the most reliable, and safe roof cleaning solutions and utilizes specialized roof cleaning equipment. Please do not attempt to climb up on your roof to clean it yourself. Unless you are a professional roof cleaner, this would not be wise, as professional roof cleaning tools and equipment is how we stay safe. You probably do not have access to such equipment & tools.
Will pressure washing harm my roof?
No, not if it is done properly, and by a professional. A professional roof cleaner will never use more than 150 p.s.i.. That is about twice the pressure of a garden hose. No granulars will be lost at that pressure. Pro roof cleaning cleans the shingles on your roof by first applying an eco and pet friendly, biodegradable solution that completely eradicates all algae, fungi, moss, and lichen on your roof! The solution is sprayed onto the roof, and then I let it do its job of suffocating all growth for approximately 15 minutes. Then I turn on the boiler that’s on my cleaning unit to about 200 degrees. once that temperature is reached I then give the shingles a hot water hard rinse. the hot water is essential in that it assures me that no growth on my customers roof has survived. if anything is left living on the roof, it will be back fairly soon. this is why I invested in a hot water cleaning machine. It is a must for a professional roof cleaner.
How much does a roof cleaning cost?
At Pro roof cleaning, I base my pricing on these factors: (1) number of stories, (2) roof pitch and angles, (3) amount of staining, (4) if moss or lichens are present, (5) amount of roof to be cleaned, (6) and driving distance. Call (920) 412-7751, or go to my contact page to get a free estimate. while at your home, I would be glad to discuss any questions you may have on how I will clean your roof, pricing, or any uncertainties you may have. I have been a professional roof cleaner for almost 20 years, so there is no roof problem I have not already seen, and resolved.
How can I prevent the problem from coming back?
I offer zinc stripping that I attach to the very top of your roofs surface. the strips release zinc ions down on the roof below when it rains, these zinc ions will help tremendously in any type of algae, mold or lichen from coming back anytime soon. These strips should delay any growth from coming back by several more years. Another option for customers is for me to apply a stain blocker after a roof has been cleaned properly. you do not want to use this product unless the roof is completely free of any growths. This product is relatively new, and completely safe. At a relatively small additional fee, this stain blocker is a great alternative to zinc stripping, and is at minimum, an equal stain preventer. This is a great option in keeping your roof looking stain free and having its original color for a much longer time. I strongly recommend this option for staining, algae, and lichen prevention.
Are there limitations on how far you will travel to clean my roof?
Pro roof cleaning is based in Green Bay, however, I will travel as far as 100 miles for larger jobs, and approximately 50 miles for smaller jobs. that would include Appleton, Neenah, Menasha, Oshkosh, Pulaski Shawano, New London, all parts of Door County, and more. Do not hesitate to call if you need your roof cleaned. I will try and help you even if it is just giving advise over the phone.
Can I just clean the North facing roof?  That’s all that’s dirty.
Yes!  That is what most homeowners request.
Do you clean slate or cedar shingle roofs?
Yes, inquire about cedar shake roof cleaning when you call, or on contact form. Reminder, never use bleach on a cedar shake roof, it will completely dry it out, and will be in need of replacement within 4 years, though it may look great at first. Bleach is a very toxic chemical!