Spring Roof Cleaning!

Everybody looks forward to springtime in Wisconsin. Now that we’re into March, the snow has probably all melted from your roof. If you are noticing growths starting to appear on your homes roof, especially the North face, it may be in need of cleaning to prevent the growths from permanently damaging it.


Lichen is the growth that causes the most damage to asphalt shingles. Lichen has roots. These roots try and burrow through asphalt shingles in order to feed on the limestone added to make them heavier. Damage can happen rather quickly once you spot Lichen on your roof. If it’s removed soon after appearing on roof, there will be no damage whatsoever. If left for a year or two, there will be in all probability pit marks. Pit marks are a problem if they are deep, as the shingle may then fail at any time. If they are not too deep, the damage will mainly be with appearance only. If you don’t know what to look for, call a professional like myself to give you an estimate. Estimates are usually free with most roof cleaning businesses. I like to meet my potential customers beforehand. That way I can explain my process, and show you all of the eco-friendly and biodegradable solutions that I will be using. Customers often don’t pay attention or do not ask questions about what solutions will be used to get their roofs clean. That’s a mistake many customers made, and regret not being more hands-on. I encourage every customer to compare roof cleaners in our area.


There are two main methods in cleaning a homes roof. The quick, easy way is to soak the roof down with bleach. The bleach will instantly eradicate everything that’s on your roof, and I mean everything, including the shingles. It normally takes between 3-5 years for the shingles to completely curl up, starting at the edges. Asphalt shingles are not made to hold up to bleach. The bleach dries out the shingles. Once they’ve curled, they will need to be replaced, as water damage can then occur at any time.

I read on Pioneers website that a leading shingle manufacturer recommended using bleach to clean the shingles. This is contradictory to what most manufacturers and experts would tell you. The roof manufacturer that Pioneer soft wash (Remember, softwash sounds great, but it means bleach will be used) speaks about must want to sell alot more shingles if he is recommending bleach or cleaning. Do the research on roof cleaning. Osha also takes a very dim view of bleaching roofs on residential homes. They can fine homeowners as much as 50,000.00 a day for the clean-up. If you research roof cleaning, and the potential fines, the question always is, ‘ why isn’t it the companies like window Genie and Pioneer getting the fines?’   The answer is that it is the homeowner that is responsible for what happens on there property, even if these businesses do not inform homeowners that bleach will be used. Trust me, Pioneer and Window Genie are not oung to tell you bleach is 70% of the solution used on your roof. They are wise to the fact that few potential customers would hire them if they knew about the bleaching aspect. Bleaching is simply a faster, easier way to clean a residential homes roof. It is also illegal, irresponsible, and is a money grab. To actually clean a roof using safe solutions would involve more time on each roof, and for some businesses, time is money.

My name is Tom Ward, and I’ve been cleaning roofs in the Green Bay, Appleton, Door Cty area since 1996. I’ve learned that when you cut corners, both you and the customers lose. Why not just take the proper amount of time, and clean each roof as if it were your own? That’s what I’ve been doing for 25 years now. I keep my business small and personable, and do not have the huge turnover that companies like Pioneer have. For an unknowing customer whom hired them, you might be getting a guy cleaning his first roof. The truth is, many of those guys don’t really care how the roof is cleaned, it’s just a job. I own and do all work for Pro roof cleaning, so of course I care tremendously about each roof. I also want each customer to be happy with the job, and the cost. Happy customers refer friends and neighbors, unhappy ones don’t. It’s just a business philosophy that has served both me and my customers well over 25 years. The short cut businesses don’t usually last very long, as owner or later a customer will sue them for damaging their lawn, landscaping…. bleach should never be used for residential roof cleaning. If you see a roof cleaner you may have hired first water down your kawn and plants with water, bleach is about to be used. Pro roof cleaning, Green Bay roof cleaning, AAA Professional all clean roofs safely and effectively.

I would like to give you a free quote whenever you are ready to have your roof professionally cleaned. I have 25 years of experience, and I do all work.

Thank you,

Tom Ward

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Fall is the perfect time to get your home’s roof cleaned. When a roof is infected with algae, fungi, lichen, or moss, this stuff continues to grow underneath the ice and snow on the roof.

These growths can damage a roof permanently. My name is Tom Ward, and I own Pro roof cleaning. If you want your roof cleaned before it gets to be to cold, Pro roof cleaning has the most experience. We also havethe best equipment on the market today that always for perfect roof cleaning. My new roofcleaning trailer has hot water capability. Hot water roof cleaning is far superior to cold water roof cleaning. This is because the hot water will still be hot when it comes into contact with growths that are growing underneath the shingles. The hot water carries with it the eco-friendly solutions I apply first. That mixture of hot water and solution kills all growths that are hiding in hard to get at spot on your roof.

Roof cleaning can be dangerous with experience and the right equipment. Because I do all work for Pro roof cleaning, I will personally be cleaning your roof. Alot of times when you hire a company that has employees, your running the risk that an apprentice or rookie will be cleaning your roof. Without years of experience, mistakes are made, and that can cost you either your roof, or somebody getting hurt falling off your roof.

I am always conscious of every situation that can occur while cleaning a roof, so I am always prepared. After 25 years of cleaning residential roofs, I have seen every scenario play out many times over.

Experience, the most modern roof cleaning equipment, and always being courteous and cordial makes Pro roof cleaning the right choice!

Tom Ward at Pro roof cleaning PROROOFCLEANING.COM

Beware of “exclusive softwash system” claims! Fines up to 50,000.00 for home owners!!

My name is Tom Ward, and I own Pro roof cleaning here in Green bay Wisconsin. I have been cleaning roofs in the Green bay area for over 23 years. I have seen many roof cleaning businesses come and go over that time. The reason most of these companies “go away” is simple. They try and use shortcuts to clean home owners roofs. This is done almost always by using bleach. Such a business will try and sell potential customers with a “no pressure, exclusive softwashing system” pitch. Look out, that means at least a 50% bleach concoction is going onto your roof, then onto your lawn and landscaping. It is extremely dangerous, and OSHA, the DNR, and EPA is going after these businesses. They are bad news, and bad news for you. Did you know that if a business that promises you “no pressure soft washing” gets caught using bleach to clean your roof, it can cost you up to 50,000.00 per day in fines! It is not the business that gets hit with that fine, it is you. It is not fair, but it is true. OSHA, the DNR, and the environmental protection agency are going after these no pressure exterior cleaning businesses in 2020. How do I know this? I know because I personally hired an environmental attorney, and we made these three agencies aware of a “no pressure roof cleaning” business was using bleach to clean roofs. This is a extremely dangerous, and extremely irresponsible. Some of this bleach will find its way into the soil and water around your home. Please do not fall for a “no pressure softwash pitch. It could cost you your home. This business will soon be out of business. In the mean time, do not risk huge fines by hiring such a business. They are greedy and lazy. Bleach cleaning a roof is much easier, and so the profit is much higher. After 23 years of cleaning roofs in our area, I can tell you this with certainty. The only safe way to clean a roof is with eco and bio friendly solutions. Use them in conjunction with hot water and low pressure. Low enough (approx. 150 psi) where there is 0 chance any harm will be done to your shingles. This will get you a perfectly cleaned roof, and it will be done safely. There will be no fines, and there will be no harm done to the soil and water around your home.

Best regards,


asphalt shingle, and cedar shake roof cleaning

Hi potential customers of Pro Roof Cleaning. I want to make one thing perfectly clear to all home owners is Northeastern Wisconsin that are in need of roof cleaning. No pressure roof cleaning does not work. If it did, believe me, I would clean roofs that way, as it is much easier. The only effective way to properly clean either asphalt shingle or cedar shake roofs is to use hot water, low pressure roof cleaning methods. The reason this is the case is because the algae, lichen, and molds that are living on your homes roof has roots. Lichen has deep very deep roots that have attached themselves to the shingles. You can just spray a solution onto the roof and eradicate the growths. That takes care of a third of the problem. One of the issues with this method of roof cleaning is that the growths are dead on the surface, but the roots are still living, and will be back soon. Do you really want to spend money to get your roof cleaned, then have the growths come back in less than a year ? Probably not right. there is another problem with no pressure roof cleaning. This would be that when you are just spraying a solution onto the roofs surface in order to kill the growths, how does the dead lichen, algae, and molds fall to the ground so you can then remove it ? The companies that practice no pressure roof cleaning will promise you that the rain will in time remove the growths from the roofs surface, then to the ground. This will not happen because there are still roots that these growths have holding them to the roofs surface. It would be great if No pressure roof cleaning actually worked, but it does not.  Even when these companies are encouraged by you to come back and respray the roof again, it is not coming off. This is because you need to actually get onto the roofs surface and use a hot water, low pressure roof cleaning method. Trust me on this simple fact, these companies thrive because by the time you realize that your roof is not clean at all, they have cashed your check. Also, in spite of the fact they promise to come back within a 5 year period if it comes back, they almost never do, as they already have your money. At Pro Roof Cleaning, your roof will look as it did when new before I leave on the day I am scheduled to come. I actually get onto the roofs surface with my specialized boots (which makes my job completely safe) and then use my hot water, low pressure roof cleaning method. In no way will low pressure roof cleaning ever damage your homes roof. Asphalt shingles can stand up to 500 P.S.I. (pounds per square inch) and be completely safe. I have, and never will use more than 150 P.S.I. on a customers roof. Lets be honest, if a roof is ever damaged in any way, my insurance would be responsible for then replacing it. I of course would not want that, and it has never happened in 22 years. Also, I realize that my customers are the reason that I can be self employed, so I always treat their homes as if they were my own. After my job of cleaning your homes roof is complete, I normally meet my customer by their front door, and can then show them around to view their new looking roof! Customers are always amazed at the transformation of their homes roof. The entire process is completed same day, so you know before I leave that not only is your roof new looking again, but also that the underlying roots have been completely eradicated. The growths are now gone for a long time, and your home has curb appeal again!

I can also apply a growth and stain blocker after the cleaning is complete. This is basically a solution that puts an invisible barrier between your roofs surface, and any potential growth spore that might land on it. Basically what it does is that your roof will stay clean a few years longer. Rather than your roof staying completely growth and stain free for 4-5 years, with the blocker applied, it will stay looking as it did right after the cleaning for 7-8 years. There is a small charge to add the blocker, but it is well worth it and most customers have it applied to there homes roof. It was developed in Florida where roof cleaning is very prominent, and is a great product.

Thank you for coming to my website and reading up on how proper roof cleaning should be done. I look forward to hopefully helping you with your roof cleaning needs. You will be amazed at the transformation that happens after my job is completed on your homes roof. It will all be completed the same day. There is no promise that your roof should look clean after several rain falls. With Pro Roof Cleaning, you will see the transformation to your roof before I leave! My customers are always very pleased before I leave. I will be more than happy to give any customer whom requests it a free estimate for cleaning their roof. You can either call me directly, or go to the contact page on this site to get your free estimate. Please do not get fooled by no pressure roof cleaning pitches, it is not effective, or I would do it myself. Pro roof cleaning has 10 times the volume of customers compared to any other roof cleaning business in Northeastern Wi., I did not get this successful by trying to fool my customers. What I find is that if you do good and honest work, treat your customers right, and give all customers fair prices, you can stay self employed. It is a privilege to be self employed.  I, as a small business owner, am always fully aware that it is my customers that are responsible for my businesses success. I will always treat every customers home as if it were my own. That is my promise to every customer I meet. Know that I always remember that it is you, my many customers of Pro roof cleaning, that make my business work.

Thank you,

Tom at Pro Roof Cleaning

Roof Staining and Growth Prevention

Pro Roof Cleaning offers two main methods of preventing roof growth from coming back once the roof has been cleaned. One method is zinc strips that are placed near the peak of the roof. The zinc flashing is placed near the top of the roof so that when it rains, the rain itself will distribute zinc ions down the roof and those ions will retard, and help prevent growths from reappearing on your roof. This method is effective, however, if your roof is more than 20 feet in length from peak to gutter, the ions from the zinc flashing will be used up by the time the rain reaches the bottom of the roof.

It has been my experience that a cheaper, and more effective way to prevent roof growth and staining after it has been properly cleaned is a growth and stain blocker. The most effective blocker, and the one I use for my customers is a milky white solution that is applied by evenly distributing it onto the clean roof. It works by forming a very thin barrier between the shingles themselves, and any possible growth that may be reintroduced to your roofs shingles after cleaning.  You only want to use this preventative product after all growths and staining have been properly removed by a professional roof cleaner. You do not want to seal any living organisms, or any staining under the invisible coating. If you chose to have this product applied to your roof after cleaning, there is an additional charge for this service. However, it will keep your roof looking stain free and clean longer. I would say up to two years longer if you are were to ask. I would highly recommend it just from a longevity stand point. Please feel free to inquire about this service. Pricing of this service will vary depending on the area that will be sprayed with the blocker.

Roof cleaning and stain prevention should be a part of any home maintenance plan. Your home is probably going to be the biggest investment you will ever make. Your roof is obviously a big part of that home. If your roof has an infestation of dangerous growths on it, that can also be unhealthy for that homes occupants. Getting that roof professionally cleaned, and then adding a preventative invisible barrier to keep that roof clean longer will go a long way in your homes appearance long term. It will also ultimately increase your homes value, and help in not having to replace your roof prematurely.

Roof cleaning services are available in the Green Bay, Appleton, Door County, Pulaski, Hobart, Depere, Ashwaubenon, Neenah, Menasha,  and all of Northeastern Wi. areas. Call for a free estimate. You will be pleasantly surprised at what Pro roof cleaning can do for the appearance of your home. The longevity of your homes roof will also be greatly elongated considerably by the use of our roof cleaning service. Call today, and ask for Tom. I answer all calls. I also bid and do all work for Pro roof cleaning. If you are considering having your roof cleaned, you’ve come to the right place. I will be glad to help you achieve all of your wishes regarding a new looking and clean roof. If you have moss, lichen, algae, black streaking, or any roof staining on your roof, don’t wait. Call soon to eliminate these harmful growths from your homes roof. These stains and growths are unsightly,  and unhealthy. Call a true roof cleaning specialist today. Don’t wait until it’s too late to save your homes roof.


Best regards, Tom at Pro roof cleaning    A plus Better Business Bureau rating.    Angies list preferred service provider.  21 years in service as a preferred roof cleaning business in Northeastern Wi.

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