Our Process



Meet with customer, Free Estimate at location



Schedule time convenient for customer



Spray Roof with bio eco-friendly solutions to kill any growth and loosen contaminants.



Let solution work for 20 minutes



Hot water hard rinse to remove all contaminants and solution from roof



Clean up surrounding area including sidewalks, decks, driveway



After customer inspects and approves work, quoted price is due..


  • Quoted prices wont change, even if process takes longer than expected
  • Length of project depends on size of the job, generally takes less than a day.


Getting the Job Done Right the First Time

There are 3 absolute musts for proper roof cleaning that Pro Roof Cleaning follows:

  • A hot water or steam-producing machine. This is necessary to kill the mold, fungi, and lichen eating your shingles. Pro Roof Cleaning uses water heated at 230 degrees to clean your roof.
  • Proper mold, fungi, and lichen killing solutions. Pro Roof Cleaning only uses solutions that are also be pet and eco-friendly.
  • Experience. Experience in the roof-cleaning field is imperative. Too many window cleaning, and roofing companies are trying to get into this trade with little or no experience. The results can be catastrophic for your roof. Pro Roof Cleaning is a roof-cleaning specialist and can assure that the job will be done right the first time.

Pro Roof Cleaning has occasionally gotten a call from a customer who had their roof cleaned by another company that specializes in another trade, and the roof became damaged in the process. Unfortunately, there is nothing that Pro Roof Cleaning can do for them once the damage has been done. Don’t let this happen to you and call Pro Roof Cleaning today!