Fall is the perfect time to get your home’s roof cleaned. When a roof is infected with algae, fungi, lichen, or moss. These growths on your roof continue to grow underneath the ice and snow on the roof.

These growths can damage a roof permanently. My name is Tom Ward, and I own Pro roof cleaning. If you want your roof cleaned before it gets to be to cold, Pro roof cleaning has the most experience. We also havethe best equipment on the market today that always for perfect roof cleaning. My new roofcleaning trailer has hot water capability. Hot water roof cleaning is far superior to cold water roof cleaning. This is because the hot water will still be hot when it comes into contact with growths that are growing underneath the shingles. The hot water carries with it the eco-friendly solutions I apply first. That mixture of hot water and solution kills all growths that are hiding in hard to get at spot on your roof.

Roof cleaning can be dangerous with experience and the right equipment. Because I do all work for Pro roof cleaning, I will personally be cleaning your roof. Alot of times when you hire a company that has employees, your running the risk that an apprentice or rookie will be cleaning your roof. Without years of experience, mistakes are made, and that can cost you either your roof, or somebody getting hurt falling off your roof.

I am always conscious of every situation that can occur while cleaning a roof, so I am always prepared. After 25 years of cleaning residential roofs, I have seen every scenario play out many times over.

Experience, the most modern roof cleaning equipment, and always being courteous and cordial makes Pro roof cleaning the right choice!

F.Y.I. –  For your knowledge. Pioneer softwash doesn’t use any pressure, this is true. Pioneer aoftwash uses solutions that are 70% chloride bleach. That can, and probably will kill some of your landscaping and plants around your home. I know they water everything down first to help with the toxicity, but when the excess bleach seeps into the soil around your home,the roots of your plants and shrubs can be permanently damaged. Some of the excess bleach WILL seep into the soil, and that can destroy the eco-system around your home. 

Pioneer softwash will attempt to convince you that chloride bleach is harmless. The truth is, chloride bleach is a toxic chemical. Bleach is bleach, don’t let them fool you. I started my business in 1997. I could have used bleach to clean my customers roofs. It is much easier and faster. The issue I had was that it endangers the customers plants, grass, shrubs, small trees, landscaping, and pets. Smaller dogs or cats that may drink any bleach that has puddled, can die from it 

Companies like Pioneer softwash often are sued out of business. Using bleach to clean roof surfaces is illegal. The department of agriculture has already reprimanded Pioneer. They retrained the employees to perform roof cleaning safely. Even so, they are back using bleach to clean unsuspecting customers roofs. 

I don’t like to cut down my competitors. It just feels wrong to me. However, Pioneer softwash was told by the department of agriculture that if they were to continue using bleach, they needed to inform customers that toxic bleach will be used on their property. They will not do that. This is because no one would hire them if they knee they were using bleach. 

If OSHA were to find Pioneer using bleach on a residential home, they would probably be looking at a pretty hefty fine. But it is the property owner that is responsible for the clean-up of toxic materials. That cost cannot exceed 50,000 00 per day. 

I am warning potential customers that some companies (almost all in Green bay) may be using toxic chloride bleach on your roof. I believe my business, Pro roof cleaning, is the only roof cleaning service that uses only eco-friendly and biodegradable solutions. This is the safe alternative to bleaching roofs. 

Thank you for considering Pro roof cleaning. My name is Tommy, and I own Pro roof cleaning. I bid and do all work. Th8s is to ensure that ever job is performed correctly.  I understand that it is my customers that allow me to be self employed. For that reason, each customer gets my absolute best work. You can be rest assured that each roof surface is cleaned safely. At Pro roof cleaning, absolutely no bleach will be used on your property.

Thank you again, and best regards, 


Tom Ward at Pro roof cleaning PROROOFCLEANING.COM