Fall is the perfect time to get your home’s roof cleaned. When a roof is infected with algae, fungi, lichen, or moss, this stuff continues to grow underneath the ice and snow on the roof.

These growths can damage a roof permanently. My name is Tom Ward, and I own Pro roof cleaning. If you want your roof cleaned before it gets to be to cold, Pro roof cleaning has the most experience. We also havethe best equipment on the market today that always for perfect roof cleaning. My new roofcleaning trailer has hot water capability. Hot water roof cleaning is far superior to cold water roof cleaning. This is because the hot water will still be hot when it comes into contact with growths that are growing underneath the shingles. The hot water carries with it the eco-friendly solutions I apply first. That mixture of hot water and solution kills all growths that are hiding in hard to get at spot on your roof.

Roof cleaning can be dangerous with experience and the right equipment. Because I do all work for Pro roof cleaning, I will personally be cleaning your roof. Alot of times when you hire a company that has employees, your running the risk that an apprentice or rookie will be cleaning your roof. Without years of experience, mistakes are made, and that can cost you either your roof, or somebody getting hurt falling off your roof.

I am always conscious of every situation that can occur while cleaning a roof, so I am always prepared. After 25 years of cleaning residential roofs, I have seen every scenario play out many times over.

Experience, the most modern roof cleaning equipment, and always being courteous and cordial makes Pro roof cleaning the right choice!

Tom Ward at Pro roof cleaning PROROOFCLEANING.COM