Spring Roof Cleaning!

Everybody looks forward to springtime in Wisconsin. Now that we’re into March, the snow has probably all melted from your roof. If you are noticing growths starting to appear on your homes roof, especially the North face, it may be in need of cleaning to prevent the growths from permanently damaging it.


Lichen is the growth that causes the most damage to asphalt shingles. Lichen has roots. These roots try and burrow through asphalt shingles in order to feed on the limestone added to make them heavier. Damage can happen rather quickly once you spot Lichen on your roof. If it’s removed soon after appearing on roof, there will be no damage whatsoever. If left for a year or two, there will be in all probability pit marks. Pit marks are a problem if they are deep, as the shingle may then fail at any time. If they are not too deep, the damage will mainly be with appearance only. If you don’t know what to look for, call a professional like myself to give you an estimate. Estimates are usually free with most roof cleaning businesses. I like to meet my potential customers beforehand. That way I can explain my process, and show you all of the eco-friendly and biodegradable solutions that I will be using. Customers often don’t pay attention or do not ask questions about what solutions will be used to get their roofs clean. That’s a mistake many customers made, and regret not being more hands-on. I encourage every customer to compare roof cleaners in our area.


There are two main methods in cleaning a homes roof. The quick, easy way is to soak the roof down with bleach. The bleach will instantly eradicate everything that’s on your roof, and I mean everything, including the shingles. It normally takes between 3-5 years for the shingles to completely curl up, starting at the edges. Asphalt shingles are not made to hold up to bleach. The bleach dries out the shingles. Once they’ve curled, they will need to be replaced, as water damage can then occur at any time.

I read on Pioneers website that a leading shingle manufacturer recommended using bleach to clean the shingles. This is contradictory to what most manufacturers and experts would tell you. The roof manufacturer that Pioneer soft wash (Remember, softwash sounds great, but it means bleach will be used) speaks about must want to sell alot more shingles if he is recommending bleach or cleaning. Do the research on roof cleaning. Osha also takes a very dim view of bleaching roofs on residential homes. They can fine homeowners as much as 50,000.00 a day for the clean-up. If you research roof cleaning, and the potential fines, the question always is, ‘ why isn’t it the companies like window Genie and Pioneer getting the fines?’   The answer is that it is the homeowner that is responsible for what happens on there property, even if these businesses do not inform homeowners that bleach will be used. Trust me, Pioneer and Window Genie are not oung to tell you bleach is 70% of the solution used on your roof. They are wise to the fact that few potential customers would hire them if they knew about the bleaching aspect. Bleaching is simply a faster, easier way to clean a residential homes roof. It is also illegal, irresponsible, and is a money grab. To actually clean a roof using safe solutions would involve more time on each roof, and for some businesses, time is money.

My name is Tom Ward, and I’ve been cleaning roofs in the Green Bay, Appleton, Door Cty area since 1996. I’ve learned that when you cut corners, both you and the customers lose. Why not just take the proper amount of time, and clean each roof as if it were your own? That’s what I’ve been doing for 25 years now. I keep my business small and personable, and do not have the huge turnover that companies like Pioneer have. For an unknowing customer whom hired them, you might be getting a guy cleaning his first roof. The truth is, many of those guys don’t really care how the roof is cleaned, it’s just a job. I own and do all work for Pro roof cleaning, so of course I care tremendously about each roof. I also want each customer to be happy with the job, and the cost. Happy customers refer friends and neighbors, unhappy ones don’t. It’s just a business philosophy that has served both me and my customers well over 25 years. The short cut businesses don’t usually last very long, as owner or later a customer will sue them for damaging their lawn, landscaping…. bleach should never be used for residential roof cleaning. If you see a roof cleaner you may have hired first water down your kawn and plants with water, bleach is about to be used. Pro roof cleaning, Green Bay roof cleaning, AAA Professional all clean roofs safely and effectively.

I would like to give you a free quote whenever you are ready to have your roof professionally cleaned. I have 25 years of experience, and I do all work.

Thank you,

Tom Ward

Pro roof cleaning