WELCOME TO PRO ROOF CLEANING! FYI – Softwashing roofs sounds like feathers and cotton will be used. SOFTWASHING REALLY MEANS A “70% BLEACH SOLUTION” WILL BE SPRAYED ONTO YOUR ROOF! It’s a dangerous and old-school way to clean. At Pro roof cleaning, we’ll never use toxic chemicals. We only use economical products. (920) 412-0032 Ask for Tom for a free quote.

Your Safe alternative to a process of cleaning roofs with toxic chemicals called “softwashing”. Remember, in the roof cleaning business “Soft washing” is code for bleach.  Eco-friendly and biodegradable solutions are strictly used at Pro roof cleaning. There is no harmful chloride bleach added to our cleaning solutions like pioneer. Get a free estimate from both companies, and compare the two. When you see the differences, you may be glad that you did. Thank you to all the good people of Green bay and the surrounding area who have taken the time to compare these two distinctly different roof cleaning approaches. You are the ones that allow me to be self employed, and I do the best roof cleaning possible for each of you by investing in the best and most modern roof cleaning equipment. I will also use on your roof only safe and dependable roof cleaning methods that will never kill your landscaping, parts of your lawn, or your pets. THANK YOU, AND GOD BLESS.



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Pro roof cleaning is your safe alternative to a bleaching technique called softwashing. EPA and OSHA strongly discourage these techniques, and can levy fines for this practice, which contaminates our environment. Be a small part of the solution (clean responsibly) and not part of the problem. Thank you





Let’s take an honest look at the distinct differences between Pioneer softwash vs. Pro roof cleaning. They use toxic bleach instead of low pressure to clean roofs. This puts homeowner’s at risk!! If you were to ask Jesse at Pioneer if this were true, or is this just jibberish by a competitor? He would tell you that he uses all bio and ecofriendly solutions, just like Pro roof cleaning. However, here is the startling difference between the two roof cleaning businesses. After I show you all of the eco and bio-friendly solutions that are to be used to clean your roof, that is all that will be used to gently and safely clean your roof. On the other hand, after Pioneer shows you the eco and bio-friendly solutions he will use, there is then a toxic amount of bleach added to his CONCOCTION that makes 0 pressure roof cleaning possible!

I welcome the truth, as I’ve worked too hard over the past 24 years to have “roof cleaning” be the safe alternative to roof replacement. We do not want or need some Johnny come lately company to come along and screw up the roof cleaning industry in our community by using toxic bleach on homeowner’s roofs, then covering it up! It is totally irresponsible, reckless, deceptive, and is strictly a money grab to practice this dangerous roof cleaning method. If you run across this roof cleaning business, or mine for that matter, ask if you may see the inside’s to each of our trailers in order to see if toxic bleach is going to be used. Oh, by the way, also in use is a deodorizer that is added to his CONCOCTION. The sole purpose for this addition is to cover up the distinct odor of toxic bleach! It is a very dangerous coverup to a very dangerous way to clean a homes roof. As a home owner, you want to take precautions. Allowing the use of bleach for exterior cleaning on your property can leave you susceptible to huge fines. It can also lead to the demise of your landscaping, your pets, even your loved ones. Bleach is a toxic and deadly chemical, and should never, ever be used no matter at what ratio for external cleaning around your home!! My name is Tom Ward, and I own and operate Pro roof cleaning. All I ask from each and every potential customer is to ask questions, and seek the TRUTH on how each roof cleaning business goes about getting roofs clean. Remember, “no pressure roof cleaning” can only mean bleach will be used. Wet and forget works on a similar strategy as bleach cleaning. Different is, wet and forget takes several weeks, and several powerful rains to see a difference. Bleach cleaning a roof will get immediate results. Now why doesn’t the product “wet and forget” add bleach to it’s CONCOCTION for more expeditious and thorough results? Because they are not stupid, and fully recognize that they would be sued out of business in months by being so reckless and irresponsible!! If a cleaning business makes false claims of “safe alternative to power washing, or “exclusive softwash system”, this is code for bleach, bleach, bleach!! Get a free quote from Pro and Pioneer. Consider both roof cleaning techniques. Make it clear you want to see ALL additives to the solutions going onto your roof. Ask if we will both open up our individual trailers so you can view any possible hidden compartments of bleach! I welcome this comparison, my competitor will not, and now you know why!!! Thank you for reading about the truths and lies that are prevalent in the roof cleaning trade. I’ve been cleaning roofs in the Green bay area for 24 years now. In that time, I’ve seen many roof cleaning businesses come and go. I’ve managed to stick around because I understand that there are no short cuts in this trade. The use of toxic bleach is the most often used short cut. Businesses that utilize this shortcut always go out of business because they are sued multiple times by multiple home owners. They lick their wounds and onto the next town. I live and own a roof cleaning  business here in Green bay. I practice my trade responsibly,  and with the home owners wants and needs at the forefront, and not my own. That is why I have had a thriving business for so long. I know that it is the customers that make it possible for me to be self employed. That is why I treat each customer with respect and appreciation. I would and will never do anything to to violate the trust my customers have bestowed upon myself and my business. Thanks to all of you, and I would like very much the chance to earn your trust, and your business.

Best regards,

Tom at Pro roof cleaning



Exclusive “roof cleaning” businesses that also clean everything else under the sun aren’t exclusive. If its claims are true that their system cleans anything and everything, it would have to include a strong mixture of bleach or pool shock. You do not want to have your roof cleaned by the same concoction that also cleans aluminum, tile, driveways, stadiums, pools……. What this clearly is is a startling admission of using  pool shock or bleach, and passing it off as an exclusive softwash system. When a cleaning business tries to sell you an exclusive cleaning system that in actuality includes bleach or pool shock, they are opening the homeowner up to huge fines levied by either OSHA, the EPA, or the DNR. These agencies take the use of  toxic chemicals being used for exterior cleaning very seriously. They do not go after the small business doing the cleaning, they go after the owner of the property. These fines can be as high as 50,000.00 a day. I personally would be wary of any roof cleaning business that also cleans pools, aluminum, bathrooms, playground equipment…… When a cleaning business overreaches like this, it means they specialize in nothing. They have gotten greedy, and want their fingers into everything. What this ultimately does is made them a master of nothing. You want to hire a roof cleaning business that specializes strictly in roof cleaning. Anything else is a watered down version of a service provider. At Pro roof cleaning, the cleaning of roofs is all I do. I have been specializing in strictly roof cleaning for 24 years. Call for a free estimate. I would be happy to stop out and explain to you in person my process. There is never toxic bleach or pool shock used at Pro roof cleaning. Eco and bio friendly solutions are strictly used. There will also never be harmful pressure used, but instead only a hard, hot water rinse. This is the way to get a roof  cleaned safely that utilizes only the best solutions and techniques. Do not hire an amateur to clean your homes roof. Go with a pro. Pro roof cleaning is a roof cleaning only small business located in Green bay Wi. I will be only person you will deal with. That is because I do all bidding, all work, and all follow up for Pro roof cleaning. I’ve tried employees in the past, and I found that a really decent employee can be hard to find. The quality of work is never as good as when the owner does the work himself. Roof cleaning is a very unique trade. It takes many years of experience to understand all of the,possible issues that pop up. Each roof is different, so you want a pro, the owner himself to do the work. My competitor is using a CONCOCTION of eco friendly solutions (which is great!). Thats what he will show you. What he won’t show you is the amount of toxic bleach that is added as well! Anywhere from 30% to 40% bleach!! That is not what you want on your property. One, you can be fined up to 50,000.00 per day for toxic bleach usage of that quantity!

Two) It is dangerous for children and pets! They try to catch all of the bleach as it comes off of the roof through the gutters. They can’t can’t catch all of it. So what they don’t catch goes into the ecosystem around your home. Because of his irresponsible and dangerous business practices, people in Green bay are at risk. I’ve been a roof cleaner for 24 years now. I made this alternative to roof replacement available 24 years ago. It was the spring of 1996 when I started. At first, I too made alot of mistakes. It took years to understand what to do in every situation. Like I said, every roof is a little different, and growths have progressed uniquely on every roof. In my 24 years of roof cleaning here in Green bay, I’ve seen many roof cleaning businesses come and go. A few have made it, and good for them! But alot have not made it, and that’s because they tried to cut corners, and spray a toxic bleached based concoction on the roof from the edge of the roof. They have killed pets, lawns and landscaping. Then they get sued, and for then its onto the next town. I have made the department of agriculture aware of this businesses practices. This business is now under investigation. Don’t hire this business, and put you and your family at risk. If you are sceptical, I understand. If you go to softwashsystems.com, You will see Pioneer softwashes truck, business cards flyers….  prominently displayed on this website. This site is a big proponent of the use of bleach to clean roofs. If you go to the chemicals page, you can see for yourself the percentage of bleach used on roofs. It’s shocking, 30% to 40% toxic bleach! This could, and has changed the colors of roofs. It could kill a pet the might drink the runoff. The ecosystem around your house is never the same. It takes years for the bleach spilled or not caught to make it’s way down into the ground far enough so it’s no longer a hazard. I have purchased recently a new softwash roof cleaning  trailer that wash made just to clean roofs. The pump in this trailer is not capable of alot of pressure, but I don’t need a lot of pressure. What it does produce is 8 gallons of water spray per minute. That is uniquely high, and because it’s the volume, and not the pressure, its completely safe. I can show you the trailer when I stop by for the estimate. The trailer has a boiler that produces heated water up to 200 degrees. This heated water is used for the hard rinse (softwashing) once all growths have been eradicated. How ever, I’ve learned through many years of experience that there is always some stubborn growths that refuse to die. That’s why the hot water rinse is so important. It kills on contact any stubborn growth that survived the original cleaning. Never hire a roof cleaning business that uses bleach, or doesn’t have the hot water hard rinse capability. My new roof cleaning trailer was built to be the ultimate roof cleaning machine. It makes my job so much easier and less time consuming so my prices are still the same. I am a long time BBB and Christian directory member. I am fully insured and bonded, and I don’t use pressure to clean, only eco and bio-friendly solutions along with a safe hot water rinse. Customers are often shocked when they see their new roof! There are a few exceptions, but almost always there is a beautiful and new looking roof under all the mold, lichen, fungi and moss. My prices are always very fair. I know that it is the customers that allow me to be self employed. I DO ALL WORK, so the roof cleaning done on your home will turn out beautifully, or there is no charge! That’s how confident I am with my techniques. The “exclusive softwash system” business in our town of Green bay has to buy bleach by the truckload, and bleach isn’t cheap. This is why his prices are so high. I have never talked openly this way about  another business. However, when the business owner lies’to the customers about the amount of toxic bleach he has his employees use to clean roofs, I’ve feel that I need to warn them. I can tell  you that he has not been in the roof cleaning business very long. My fear is that he is going to at some point in the near future kill someone’s pet or child. His cleaning methods are soo dangerous and irresponsible. That would then hurt all roof cleaners, because it will make everyone very sceptical about having their roof cleaned. We are not all that reckless and irresponsible. I suggest you get two separate estimates. I would like to he obe of them. I will be the only one you’ll ever have to talk to. I will show you my roof cleaning solutions and explain in detail how I get roofs so clean. You will see my roof cleaning trailer, and then know that I am truly committed to my trade. I invest in the best equipment which allows me to be more efficient so I can charge less. I don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money buying toxic bleach. If a roof cleaning business is going to clean with bleach, they then should at least tell the customers what’s really going on, so they can make a more informed decision. When you read or hear about a “no pressure cleaning” business, think bleach! Don’t let them fool you.

I would like to thank you for taking time to read the above. I just felt the need to warn everybody that might hire this business. He’s reckless, dangerous, and totally irresponsible.  But most if all, he is greedy. They claim to be able to clean anything under the sun. Pools, stadiums, aluminum…… Common sense will tell you that if there was a product that could clean things perfectly, and with no pressure, it would be sold out at every fleetfarm, menards, and home depot in town. Thank you again for your attention to this problem. I don’t want anyone to be sick or even die because of a reckless and greedy roof cleaner. That would be terrible, and it would certainly impact the roof cleaning trade in our town. My name is Tom Ward, and I own Pro roof cleaning. I hope to hear from you soon.

Tom Ward at Pro roof cleaning



That fine would come from EPA (Environmental protection agency).

Best Regards, Tom Ward