Spring roof cleaning


Hi, This is Tom Ward at Pro roof cleaning (PROROOFCLEANING.COM) I am offering 50% off all roof cleaning services this spring.

I am making this offer in order to establish new customers in all areas of Green Bay, and the surrounding area. Once my new customers neighbors can see what a difference Pro roof cleaning can make on residential homes, they often want the same results for their home.

I am the sole proprietor of Pro roof cleaning, so I bid and do all work. I’ve been cleaning roofs for my customers in the Green Bay area for 26 years now. I started ny business  in 1997, so I’ve seen almost all types of roof surfaces. I’ve seen mold, algae, fungi, and black streaks on customers roofs that was so bad they thought they’d need to replace it. Most times, these roof surface shingles can be made to look almost new again. I have the experience and the equipment to clean clean almost any roof surface, and make it appear and function like a new roof.


My process includes spraying the roof surfaces with only eco-friendly and biodegradable solutions. This will eradicate all  growths. I then remove all the dead growths or black streaking by softwashing them with a hot water, hard rinse. I start at the peaks of the roof surfaces,  and work  downward to the gutters.  I can then easily  remove all growths from the gutters, and the roof is beautiful and functional again. I wear specialized boots that allow me to safely walk on all roof surfaces without damaging the shingles in any way.


Other companies such as Pioneer softwash (bleach wash) use toxic chemicals like bleach to achieve these same results. It’s an unsafe and irresponsible way to clean a roof. I would ask any roof cleaning business that you have hired to show me upfront all the solutions they intend to use. Bleach not only can damage the ecosystem around your home, but it will also prematurely age asphalt shingles. Bleach dries out shingles, and they’ll begin to curl. You don’t want to have your roof bleach cleaned. It’s a faster, old school way to quickly clean a roof. Roof cleaning businesses that utilize bleach are often sued out of business because of the damage they cause to residential home owners roofs.

Pro roof cleaning uses only eco-friendly and biodegradable solutions. I would be happy to show you exactly what will be used on your roof. That way you know your roof will be cleaned the right way, and cleaned by the owner, not an employee. Call today and ask for Tommy Ward. Phone #(920) 412-0032

Thank you for reading